Matzah Bakery


March 26 - April 16

Recommended Grades:
Nursery - 9th

1 Hour

$350 per show +
$5.00 Per Student.

There is $75 travel fee if travel consist more then 30 minutes or 15 miles (from Dix Hills 11746) 

Program Overview:
The Chai Center Traveling Model Matzah Bakery is ready to go on the road, bringing excitement and education to your students. Wheat stalks, brick ovens, millstones, all are transported to your institution to set up a model Old World Shmura Matzah Bakery!

In the Model Matzah Bakery, children learn how Shmurah Matzah is made - literally from "scratch". Dressed in baker's hats, children start from threshing and winnowing natural wheat stalks, separating the wheat from the chaff.
By crushing the brittle wheat, participants effectively thresh the wheat, breaking up the chaff and wheat grain. Next, the children winnow, or separate the whole wheat grains from the near weightless chaff on the spot.
Now the children collect the accumulated wheat grain into rustic hand-driven millstones that really have the look and feel of 1000 years ago. In an exciting competition, the children grind the wheat grain into flour.
The resulting whole flour is sifted and separated into fine flour, and wheat germ. Then the children are ready to begin to mixing the flour and water into Matzah dough.
Once the 18 minute clock starts the children quickly mix and knead the dough. Then the dough is rolled out, and riddled full of holes with special Matzah perforators. Now the matzot are rushed to the "brick" oven in the hope of baking the entire batch of Matzot in just 18 minutes. (however, these will not be for kosher for Pesach).


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Bookings canceled within a month prior to the show are responsible to pay half of the existing invoice.