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Friday, June 28
 8:11 PM
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Shabbat, June 29
 9:20 PM

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Non Jewish Mayor
In an effort to better understand his Jewish constituents, the Gentile mayor reached out to a popular local rabbi. So the rabbi invited the mayor to spend Shabbat at his home.
The rabbi made kiddush Friday night on a full cup of wine. Then, after the fish, he made a l'chaim on some fine scotch. The main course came with Israeli wine. They said Grace After Meals with another cup of wine.

The next day in shul, after services, they made kiddush on wine followed by herring, crackers and a few l'chaims on schnapps. They went home and the rabbi made kiddush for his family on another cup of wine, some l'chaim after the fish, a nice single malt with the cholent (stew), and some more wine with the Grace After Meals.
And when it got dark, the rabbi made kiddush on yet another cup of wine for Havdalah (short service separating the holy Sabbath from the secular week).
The mayor said to the rabbi, "I had a wonderful time!
Thank you for sharing your Shabbat with me.
And while I still don't understand why you can't turn the lights on and off, I definitely understand why you don't drive!"

My last article was met with confusion and accusations. Therefore, for the sake of clarity, I wish to convey what I perceive to be a common sense, no political correctness or bias approach to a number of things brewing in this country.

Clearly, the border is in chaos and is not being handled properly, efficiently or safely. It is a stain on our government that this is happening on our watch. We need to be vocal and insistent that safety must come before politics, and necessities such as food, water and shelter must be provided. Humanity before political aspirations.  Any abhorrent behavior by any U.S. officer of the law must be dealt with swiftly and with full force.
There also needs to be more judges, lawyers, advocates, researchers and security guards provided so the immigration process can move more efficiently so those waiting for a decision can be informed and get on with their lives.
Having said the above, there must be proper vetting of these applicants so, G‑d forbid, we do not allow a gang member or terrorists to enter our country. 
To those who say open borders, I say open, yet sensible borders. We have many problems in this country with right wing terror, left wing terror and other nut jobs. We do not need more evil here. In fact, we need less. 
We are a country of immigrants and overwhelmingly kind people, but we must not allow our kindness to be taken advantage of. 
There are those who are angry at the administration for changing the charge of entering this country illegally from a misdemeanor to a felony. I simply cannot believe that it was a misdemeanor in the first place. Entering this country illegally should have always been a felony! If after due process, it is found that the illegal entry was warranted because of refugee status or the like, then all is forgiven, provided you were not a murderer in your former country.

There is no moral defense. She has attacked Jews, Israel, and then she proceeded to be the ultimate ingrate by saying terrible things about our country. She literally bites the hand that fed her.
When new to office, I wrote a letter to her congratulating her on being elected. What a great story, from refugee to Congresswoman. There are so many good things that she could accomplish via legislation, but yet, she chooses to be all negative all the time. She has done nothing to dissuade us that she does not hate Jews. I have not one scintilla of respect.
I agree with those who feel she needs to be taken off the foreign affairs committee, as this committee should be solely for members who are unbiased and can think for themselves. 

Once again, a great story of fulfilling the American dream from a menial job to Congresswoman.
She may possibly be a decent person, just a little wet behind the ears. I would not want my son who is the same age as her to be in Congress as he is too young.  I think that likewise, she is too young.
There were times where I thought she was out of line and a horrible person, like I think of Omar, who is unquestionably a rabid Jew hater. I no longer do. I simply put it down to arrogant youth whose neuroplasticity is still hardening. I hope that there is someone who can mentor her to think before she talks. I have no idea what her IQ level is so I will not call her stupid.
For the record, I am in complete and total disagreement with her economic policies and social Democrat opinions. I think they are wrong for America.

Whether you are President Bill Clinton or President Donald Trump, it is not okay to belittle, grope or attack a woman. I disliked the stories about Clinton and I dislike the stories about Trump. 
You have to be fair. If you were outraged at Clinton then you need to be fair and be outraged at Trump. This is not political. This is all about sexual abuse.
If you cannot, then your bias shows.
That's a wrap for this one. Looking forward to your thoughts.  
Please feel free to share. 

Rabbi Yakov Saacks

Jerry Herman Memorial Foundation
 A memorial foundation has been established in Jerry's name by his family. Click below to honor his memory with a donation.
Jerry Herman.png

Women's Torah & Tea Class
The Chai Center invites you to join us for a new Women’s Torah and Tea class presented by Chana Freund. Get together with women in a homey atmosphere to sip tea, snack on pastries and connect with each other on our common Jewish heritage. Starting every Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. at The Chai Center.

Prayer Book 101
Saturday mornings from 11:30 am – 12:00pm
Learn to navigate the prayer book, its meanings and message

Talmud & Parsha Class
Monday evenings at 7:15 PM with Rabbi Tzvi Freund

Power Torah Moment at Work
Want to be visited in your office for a short Torah thought? Contact Tzvi Freund for a power Torah moment.
Call 631-351-8672 to make your appointment or RSVP to

Join us on Friday night at 5:50 PM for cholent, scotch and services.

Introducing Jerry's Minyan - Evening Minyan at The Chai Center. Monday - Thursday at 7:00 PM, Friday at 6:30 PM.
Dear Friends, Jerry never missed a Minyan to help those who needed to say Kaddish.
Let's make sure there is a strong Minyan every night throughout the coming year for him.
The Minyan starts at 6:30 pm and is over at 7:15. 
Please click HERE and write which nights you can commit to coming.
Let's come together as a community and help each other.
Evening Minyan.png

Grand Prize: $10,000     Second Prize: Great Islander Seats     Third Prize: Fire HD Tablet with 32 GB
Raffle Drawing: July 18, 2019      *winner need not be present to win*
Ticket Prices:  1 for $54;     3 for $108;     6 for $180;     15 for $360;    20 for $480;   25 for $600;    30 for $720;  50 for $1000

We would like to thank the following good people who have purchased raffle tickets. Please log onto to purchase yours.  You got be in it to win it!
Ronnie & Yael Aviram, Asher & Erica Schoenberg, Matt & Missy  Kreinces, Edgar & Linda Hausman, Abe Sandhaus, Marvin& Judi Milich, Howard   Douglas, Bruce & Amy Sodden, Yisroel Schulman, Spencer Saacks, Moshe Klein, Rachel Cooper, Leibel Baumgarten, Arthur Sherry, Arye L & Bracha Hurwitz, Mendy Saacks, Yossi & Esther Hurwitz, Rabi & Andrea Yaghobzadeh, Elina Atlas, Renie & Mitch Freedman, Benny & Doris Hova, Craig & Abby Gardy, Ginny Rand, Neil & Phyllis Frank, Isaac & Renee Fialkoff, Mark & Ileen Genoa, Nechemia Schusterman, Aileen Schreiber , Barbara & Lewis Wiplush, Charles Goodman, Mark Schachner, Mandy & Steven  Cohen, Esther Heimer, Robin & Robert Soshnick, Sam & Sherry Klein, Ilya & Sabina Fishkin, Larry & Linda Fields, Stephanie Gurin, Jennifer & David Assa Kass, Michelle Rubens, Marian Kaskel, Bruce Kaskel, Abe & Chava Blitzer, Sly Robinson, Kamal/Jerry Pasha/Paolillo, Mathew &, Allison Gruberger, Scott Gerber, Jeff Feinman, Eric & Laura  Steifman, Sam & Dorothy Richman, Alex & Eli Shcherbelis, Ian Cohen, Barry & Heather Herman, Peter & Simone Horenstein, Steve & Angela Levy, Marika Spizz, Alan Metzger, Jeffrey Leib, Niles & Elyse Goldberg, Diane & Stuart Neufeld, Burton Krull, P.  Somer  & B. Greif, Barbara  Prince, Kenneth & Debra Levine, Paul Cohen, Charmian Weber, Salvatore & Katherine Giammusso, Marc & Barbara      Heinberg, Robert & Linda Berkowitz Englander, Joel & Sally Rabine, Saul & Frances Steinhauser, Jason & Seena Bialow, Al & Livia Berger, Dennis Fields, Jonathan Abrams, Stephen & Patti Cohen, Steve Valdivia, Title Agency, Brooke Geller, Tracey Sherman, Brian Draizin, Craig Sherman, Randall Kaplan, Louis Seligson, Danielle Milich, Keith Baren, Jason Hodes, Jason Kesselman, Alan Trink, Robin & Bruce Guttman, Ronald & Diane Kaufman, Jonathan & Stacey Seligson, Brian Kaufman, Thomas St. John, Amy Hyman, Joseph & Camille Lynch, Paul & Diana Hyman, Debra Pincus, Dennis & Sandy Rosenzweig, Robert & Phyllis Botwinick, Karin Greenberg, Israel & Chanee Blumenfrucht, Marc & Carol Levine, Mathew & Jennifer Levine, Janice Somer, Shari Sugarman, Frank & Marilyn Amantia, Elaine Kostiw, Norman & Julia Bobrow, Kaplan & Schultz CPA, Ed & Donna Rudkoski, Maurice Mayer, Ronald Fox, Jack Feiler, Michael & Candice Feiler

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From the Desk of the Chai Center Israel Committee
      puma.jpgSportswear company Puma will remain our Hero of the Week as long as it resists Palestinian calls to boycott it. The calls for a boycott of Puma by Palestinian BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) proponents are over Puma’s late 2018 inking of a four-year sponsorship deal with the Israel Football Association.
      Puma’s sponsorship deal with the IFA includes six clubs from communities in Judea and Samaria. Israel Hayom reports that the deal saw Puma replace industry counterpart Adidas, which had been an IFA sponsor for a decade until it ended its relationship with the Israeli organization over a similar BDS campaign.
      CALL TO ACTION: Make Puma your next pair of sneakers. And let Puma know you are buying their products because you support its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association. You can reach Puma by calling (888) 565-PUMA (7862) or emailing  
      Our Villain of the Week is the New Zealand government for the publication on Immigration New Zealand, an official government website, of a map of Palestine but no Israel. An accompanying fact sheet offered information about Palestinian Arab immigrants to New Zealand, and identified "East Jerusalem" as “the designated capital of the State of Palestine.” Information on the page said that Israel caused “massive repression of Palestinians” during the second intifada, but the page conveniently omitted any mention of Arab terrorism against Israel.
      Following an outcry over the map’s publication, New Zealand’s Minister for Immigration apologized to the Israeli ambassador in Wellington. “I can assure you that the fact sheet did not reflect New Zealand Government policy,” Minister Iain Lees-Galloway said in the letter to Amb. Dr. Itzhak Gerberg. “The map was clearly inaccurate and did not label the State of Israel as it should.”
     Lees-Galloway also wrote: “I apologize for the offense that has been caused and assure you immediate action has been taken to correct the situation.”
     It was unclear if that action included the firing of the employee and/or officials directly responsible for advancing their personal agenda and flouting New Zealand official policy.

T hank you to all who nominated this week's heroes and villains. If you would like nominate a Hero (someone doing right by Israel and the Jewish people) or Villain (someone doing her and us harm) of the Week, email Allan Richter at


Junior Congregation – Join us every Saturday!
Did you know that the Chai Center has a new and improved Junior Congregation every Shabbat morning from 11:00 – 12:15.  The children have a great time and learn many fascinating things. Call Rabbi Dovid at 351-8672 if you have questions or just come.

Shabbat & Weekly Services This Week's Classes

FRIDAY EVENING           6:00 PM (Following Cholent & Scotch)
SATURDAY NIGHT          9:35 PM

SUNDAY               9:40 – 10:30am The Weekly Torah Portion
MONDAY             8:00am Daily Tanya Class
MONDAY             7:00pm Jewish Law  
TUESDAY             8:00am Daily Tanya Class
WEDNESDAY      8:00am Daily Tanya Class
WEDNESDAY      11:30am Torah & Tea
THURSDAY          8:00am Daily Tanya Class
THURSDAY          7:15pm Talmud & Parsha
FRIDAY                 8:00am Daily Tanya Class
SHABBAT             9:00am The Kabbalistic take on the Parsha
SHABBAT             11:30am  Prayerbook 101

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Thought for the Week

Story of the Week

Chai Center Preschool

The Chai Center Preschool & Camp students enjoyed performing for their parents during our end-of-year/graduation ceremony! The graduates were honored with special awards and the entire preschool, family and friends celebrated the end of a wonderful and productive school year. 

Hebrew School, CTeen & STP

Final Logo.png
We are pleased to announce a unique opportunity for 10th, 11th and 12th graders in your family.  CTeen has partnered with Yeshiva University for a 14-week course in Jewish Studies, taught by our own Rabbi Dovid Weinbaum starting in September.
Students taking the course will earn 2 private college credits. But more importantly, they will study the basic tenets of Jewish thought, covering such ideas as, how do we ascertain that the Torah is true? And, what does it mean to believe in G‑d?
Students at CTeen U will be encouraged to ask questions and make their knowledge personal.
We know how busy teens are preparing for college—this is an opportunity for them to advance their resume and college career while studying the Torah’s timeless wisdom.
The course is available to 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. Classes will be held once a week for 14 weeks starting in September 2019.
Yeshiva University credits have been accepted to many different colleges throughout the country, including Binghamton, Brandeis, Brown, California State University, Northridge (CSUN), Florida State University, George Mason University, Grand Valley, Harvard, Indiana University Kennesaw, Loyola, Madison, MSU, Northeastern University, Northwestern University, Nova Community College, Ohio State University, Oklahoma State University, Penn State University, Purdue University, Rhode Island school of Art and Design, Rutgers University, State College of Florida, Tulane, UCF, UF, USF, University of Iowa, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Virginia, UWM, Wayne State, UVA, Virginia Tech, Yale and many more.
To register or for more information visit
Tuition is $999 for 2 credits. Register by July 31st to receive the $250 early bird discount. Additional scholarships are available. 

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This week at The Friendship Circle


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