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Shabbat Candle Lighting
Friday, March 15
 6:42 PM
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Shabbat, March 16
7:42 PM

Parshah: Vayikra  

Birthdays & Yahrtzeits A Bit of Humor

This Week's Birthdays
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Bari Genoa, Nathan Rosenstein
Shadie Solaimani, Stephen Herman
Betty Roth, Dr. Akiva Mitzmacher
Jacob Nemiroff, Matthew Todd Rintoul
Leah Sharon Schmelzer, Susan Klenofsky
Lisa Marks, Susan Goldman
Sasha Glickstein, Ruby Kopman
Stefani Kavner, Ashley Gleit
Spencer Lubell, Emma Koetzle
Gina Fine, Jackie Lando
Amy Steinhauser, Rachel Propis
Joshua Hong, Sabrina Gordon
Ruby Kopman, Sarah Lubell
Katherine Molina, Joseph Ostuni


This Week's Yahrtzeits

{Based on Hebrew date}
Asna Zukerman

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When the Cohens moved into their new house, Shifra, a visiting relative asked five-year-old Shlomo how he liked the new place.
"It's terrific," Shlomo said. "I have my own room, David has his own room, and Chaim has her own room. But poor Mommy is still stuck with Daddy."

  Murder Mystery Theater in Israel
David and Suzy Silverman were visiting Israel and David decided to take Suzy out to an English murder mystery theater. When they arrived, David presented their tickets to the usher who seated them, but David found that they were too far from the stage.
David whispered to the usher, "This is a mystery play, and I have to watch a mystery close up. Get me a better seat, and I'll give you a nice tip."
The usher moved David and Suzy to the second row, and David tossed the usher a shekel.
The usher looked at the shekel then leaned over to David and whispered, "The wife did it."

There are certain pivotal moments that we witness or are a part of, that are so incredibly auspicious and or life altering that we simply can never forget that they happened. Most of these events are very individual like the day you get married or the moment you become a parent. Some of them however happen at the world at large and you say to yourself “holy moly” did I just witness history being made? Or did this just happen during my lifetime?
You know what I mean. We all know exactly where we were and what we were doing and thinking when we learned that the first plane that hit the twin tower on 9/11 was not a pilot error but a terrorist attack on the eastern shores of these United States.  Landing on the moon, Kennedy assassinations, the Iran hostage debacle, gay marriage becoming legalized, etc. All these were watershed moments.
Sadly, this past week there was another watershed moment that will “live in infamy” and can never be erased from the history books. I am not talking about the spewing of classic anti Semitic by a congresswoman but rather the response or lack thereof by the leaders of our country.
First, let’s address a question that many people including fellow Jews and  members of congress are asking.
Are we the people simply too sensitive? What is the big deal? Someone in Congress, a newbie at that, puts their foot in their mouth and all of a sudden it becomes a national argument pitting people against one another. Let it go? We have so many more important things to discuss like global terrorism, global economy, equal rights, North Korea and Brexit. Who needs to get so crazed over one individual who is still in the learning curve of diplomacy? And by the way, this same verbal offender had a tough and rough upbringing in the upheaval of Mogadishu. Let it go and let’s move on.
Furthermore, no one got killed, no one got maimed. You can’t compare this to the Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre where 11 Jews were killed by a white supremist. I mean just this week there were swastikas drawn in a Long Island synagogue. It is this hate that we need to eradicate not free speech. 
Yup, I had these thoughts and questions too.
Here is the truth of the matter and this is why it was a bad week for not only Jews in this country but for all moral and upstanding citizens of this great Republic. On the aside. If you are an anti Semite, then yes, you had a great and awesome week and I hope you drink cheap whiskey or moonshine until you collapse with alcohol poisoning. Amen.
You see when an anti Semitic act occurs and the police respond and catch the perp or even if they do not catch the fool, there is a certain confidence that this is an heinous act and everyone in authority agrees that this must not be tolerated and that someone cares. Point in fact when the Pittsburgh massacre occurred by a white Nazi supremacist animal in human form, the President of the United States came to the place of horror and condemned it. He clearly stated that this is not ok and in essence telling the Jews and the aforementioned good people that we got your back. 
Furthermore, these goons who commit these acts whether swastikas and or cross burnings while truly evil are punks who probably should be in prison for 20 to 30 other crimes against humanity. They are buffoons. Even the fancy ones like David Duke in a shirt, suit and a tie is still a thug in a suit as opposed to a thug wearing jeans or spandex.
However, when a member of Congress who is the elite of the elite of our nation, who was elected by thousands upon thousands of people spews her crap on a constant basis (at least every two weeks) then there is a huge problem.
Then you add insult to injury, salt on a wound, sugar in the insulin, fuel to the fire, carbon monoxide in the oxygen tank by the very fact that rest of the elite of the elite, the Congress as a body firstly  refusing to condemn Omar by name and then watering it down by condemning to all sorts of meanness. This is a watershed moment. True, there were isolated members of Congress who denounced her. They did in fact stand up and do the right thing but it not a condemnation that was befitting our leaders of this great Republic. 
How on earth did things get so far so fast? Who cares.
It was a shameful moment. It is a blight on our countries record and it can never be erased. This stain is here to stay.
What to do now? Probably too little too late. In my opinion an Omar has got to go but who am I.
Should we Jews and other moral, good and upright be nervous about what occurred? Yes. Once again this was a watershed moment because anti Semitism was given a free pass by the very leaders who were elected whose sole mission is to protect their citizens.        
Kaddish anyone?

Rabbi Yakov Saacks



Tzvi Freund
Rabbi Tzvi Freund was born and raised in the Crown Heights Jewish community, home of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and the worldwide headquarters of the Chabad Lubavitch movement.
He attended Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim in Brunoy, France for high school,  and the Lubavitch Yeshivos in New York and Los Angeles for graduate and post graduate studies.
Tzvi then served as a teacher and mentor for at risk youth in Beis Menachem Jerusalem, while simultaneously studying for and receiving his Rabbinical degree from the renowned Rabbi Zalman Nechmiya Goldberg, member of the Supreme Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem.
Upon returning to the United States, Tzvi spent 2 years as adjunct Rabbi at The Shul in Bal Harbor Florida where he his responsibilities included teaching Jewish studies and mentoring Jews of all ages.
Throughout his years in Yeshiva, Rabbi Tzvi spent his Passover and summer holidays running Jewish educational outreach programs in various locations around the Globe: The Ukraine, Venice, Italy, Peru, Japan, Cambodia, and Hawaii.

Chana E. Freund
Chana E. Freund was born and raised in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, where her parents serve as emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe for the Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe (FREE) organization, which includes America's first Russian-speaking synagogue.
For her higher education, Chana traveled abroad to the holy city of Tzfat, Israel to the Beth Chana Teacher Seminary. She majored in Judaic Studies and Psychology.
The following year Chana continued her studies in DHL Ladies College  where she completed an intense teacher training course with honors.
Chana followed her dream and began teaching Judaics and mysticism in Junior High at Beth Rivka in Crown Heights.
She spent her free time planning and coordinating extra curricular programs for her beloved students.
Chana spent many summers as director in Jewish camps across the globe such as Israel, the Ukraine, Arizona, Detroit, Florida and Riverdale NY, cultivating special bonds with staff and campers alike.


Women's Torah & Tea Class
The Chai Center invites you to join us for a new Women’s Torah and Tea class presented by Chana Freund. Get together with women in a homey atmosphere to sip tea, snack on pastries and connect with each other on our common Jewish heritage. Starting every Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. at The Chai Center.

Prayer Book 101
Saturday mornings from 11:30 am – 12:00pm
Learn to navigate the prayer book, its meanings and message

Talmud & Parsha Class
Monday evenings at 7:15 PM with Rabbi Tzvi Freund

Power Torah Moment at Work
Want to be visited in your office for a short Torah thought? Contact Tzvi Freund for a power Torah moment.
Call 631-351-8672 to make your appointment or RSVP to

Join us on Friday night at 6:35 PM for cholent, scotch and services.

Over the last few month we have started a nightly Mincha and Marriv Minyan every weeknight at 7:00pm.
We have four dear friends in the community who are saying Kadish at the moment for their loved ones, and each and every night (most nights)  is a struggle to get a Minyan. We are asking people to commit one or two nights a week to assure that they will be able to say. The Minyan starts at 7:00 pm and is over at 7:15. 
Please click HERE and write which nights you can commit to coming. Lets come together as a community and help each other.

The Annual Men’s Night Out event will be held on Wednesday, March 27th at 7:15pm. The location will once again be at Cho-Sen Village in Great Neck. The cost is $55 per person.
This event is usually held close to the birthdays of Rabbi Saacks, Paz, Steve Herman & Joel Seleznow. This is also a time to celebrate our community together. 
To help make the evening more enjoyable for all, we are requesting that all attendees must pay in full in advance, before Monday the 25th. You can pay by check, cash or credit card.  
Thank you in advance for  your cooperation in this matter…I looking forward to hearing from you!
The best way to reserve is by 
CLICKING HERE which will take you to the reservation page.
Looking forward to Lo Mein & laughter



Fast of Esther: Wednesday, March 20
7:30 PM Maariv
7:45 PM Megillah Reading 

Purim Day: Thursday, March 21
6:45 AM Shachris
7:15 AM Megillah Reading, followed by a delicious breakfast
9:40 AM 2nd Megillah Reading, followed by a delicious breakfast
4:30 PM Megillah Reading, followed by Superhero Purim Celebration! Click here to reserve your spot 

NEED TO HEAR THE MEGILLAH IN YOUR HOME OR OFFICE?  Please contact Rabbi Tzvi Freund at

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HEROES & VILLAINS OF THE WEEK   From the Desk of the Chai Center Israel Committee
     We applaud as Heroes of the Week Phillip Yurchenko, president of Students Supporting Israel at Wake Forest University, and his fellow students at Wake Forest for challenging the anti-Semitism they faced during Palestinian Rights Awareness Week, organized on campus by the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA). Yurchenko and his fellow students, along with the State of Israel, were the targets of insults, barbs and lies, yet they stood their ground and pursued every avenue they could to have their voices heard. You can read Yurchenko’s account of their efforts here
     We believe the recent failure of the U.S. Congress to decisively condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar for her anti-Semitism—and instead pass a watered-down resolution against all forms of hatred that did not even name the freshman congresswoman—represents a dark turning-point for Jews and all people of goodwill. It does so by making anti-Semitism, already growing around the world at dangerous levels, even more acceptable.
      Remaining quiet and not raising your voice against Omar and other anti-Semites, and those who whitewash their hatred, is no longer an option. We have reached too dangerous a crossroads. That is why our Villains of the Week, and going forward, are those who have the following reaction when anti-Semitism rears its ugly head: ________________________.

Thank you to all who nominated this week's heroes and villains. If you would like nominate a Hero (someone doing right by Israel and the Jewish people) or Villain (someone doing her and us harm) of the Week, email Allan Richter at


Junior Congregation – Join us every Saturday!
Did you know that the Chai Center has a new and improved Junior Congregation every Shabbat morning from 11:00 – 12:15.  The children have a great time and learn many fascinating things. Call Rabbi Dovid at 351-8672 if you have questions or just come.

Shabbat & Weekly Services This Week's Classes

FRIDAY EVENING           6:35 PM (Following Cholent & Scotch)
SATURDAY NIGHT          8:00 PM

SUNDAY               9:40 – 10:30am The Weekly Torah Portion
MONDAY             8:00am Daily Tanya Class
MONDAY             7:00pm Jewish Law  
TUESDAY             8:00am Daily Tanya Class
WEDNESDAY      8:00am Daily Tanya Class
WEDNESDAY      11:30am Torah & Tea
THURSDAY          8:00am Daily Tanya Class
THURSDAY          7:15pm Talmud & Parsha
FRIDAY                 8:00am Daily Tanya Class
SHABBAT             9:00am The Kabbalistic take on the Parsha
SHABBAT             11:30am  Prayerbook 101

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Thought for the Week

Story of the Week
A Month For A Jew    
The town of Chechov in the Vitebsk region of White Russia was owned by a certain count. As he grew older and weaker, he entrusted his business to his manager who hated Jews. The new manager made life miserable for the Jews.
Schmuel Isaacs - leader of the town, travelled to visit the Rebbe Maharash, fourth Lubavitcher Rebbe, to ask advice. The Rebbe told him, "I know the Count is ill. Tell him that I guarantee him one month of life for every Jew he helps."
Schmuel Isaacs found his way to the count and relayed the Rebbe's message. The Count instructed Shmuel to conduct of a census of the region and report the needs of each family. Shmuel counted 160 Jews. The Count regained his health.
Fourteen years later, the count felt weak. He called for Shmuel Isaacs. "Go to the grave of the Maharash and tell him the according to our calculations, I have 19 months left." The count passed away 19 months later.

Chai Center Preschool

We now offer a second 2 year old class 3 times a week! This is great for parents who only wish to enroll their toddler part time. Please call the office at 631 351 8672. Preschool Registration.png

Hebrew School, CTeen & STP

Max Kaylakov of The Chai Center Hebrew School Wins Top Prize for 6th Grade at International Jewish Knowledge Competition - JEWQ!
Winners from regional Jew Q Championships from around the U.S. and abroad came together to face off at the international championships in Crown Heights, NY last weekend. Max Kaylakov of Dix Hills and The Chai Center Hebrew School was crowned the Sixth Grade international JewQ champ. Thousands of Jew Q students in grades 3-6 from Hebrew Schools around the globe learned and were tested on a wide range of Jewish knowledge, such as basic prayers, blessings, Jewish holidays, Torah traditions, and more. Max goes to Candlewood Middle School in Dix Hills, NY in the Half Hollow Hills Central School District.
“It is incredible to see the vast amount of knowledge Max and all the children learned in a few short months,” said Rabbi Dovid Weinbaum, Youth Director of The Chai Center. “My hope is this will inspire them to want to learn more about Judaism and the world around them.” 

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This week at The Friendship Circle

We have some AWESOME events this WEEK and we hope to see you all !!

Sunday 3/17
Learn basic yoga and relaxation breathing with friends. If you are already registered as a participant for SOLD OUT SESSION ONE just let us know if you CAN'T make it at We could REALLY use VOLUNTEERS at this program. THE LAST SESSION SOLD OUT BUT WE HAVE 2 MORE SPOTS OPEN FOR PARTICIPANTS FOR OUR SESSION 2 DATES 3/24, 3/31, 4/14, 4/28, 5/5 AND 5/19
PARTICIPANTS and VOLUNTEERS reserve your spot on our website at
When: 2:30-3:30
Where : Fitness Incentive 157 Deer Park Ave, Babylon, NY 11702

DANCE CLASS (similar to Zumba)
Our dance classes are so popular we added another one ! There are only a few spots left !!! PARTICIPANTS and VOLUNTEERS reserve your spot on our website at
When: 5-5:45
Where: The Center 501 Vanderbilt Parkway, Dix Hills


If you are already registered for this class just let us know if you CAN'T make it by emailing
When: 5-5:45
Where: The Center 501 Vanderbilt Parkway, Dix Hills

Where:The Center 501 Vanderbilt Parkway, Dix Hills

If you have any questions please let us know.
If you wish to receive reminders of the events you are interested in via text, please text ALERT to 22300.
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