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This week's Kiddush has been co-sponsored by  Abira & Gary Morse in honor of their son Charles’ Bar Mitzvah.

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Shabbat Candle Lighting
December 14
 4:08 PM
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Shabbat, December 15
5:12 PM

Parshah: Vayigash  

Birthdays & Yahrtzeits A Bit of Humor

This Week's Birthdays
{To have your birthday listed here, please call the office}
Ari Horowitz, Helena Zelmanovich
Craig Dorfman, John Manaker
Binjamin Alan Noskin, Spencer Kaplan
Zachary Kaplan, Rachel Rosen
Aharon Samuel Elkins, Ethan Homler
Layla Hosman, Jared Asher Goldman
Melanie Hirschberger, Elaine Strogach
Noah Eric Seligson, Matthew Sacher
Noah Landow, Kyle Scher
Brandon Hoffman, Talya Herbatschek


This Week's Yahrtzeits

{Based on Hebrew date}
Joseph Rosenzweig, Helene Leah Bernstein
Alan M. Butler Zimmer, Sarah Schuster
Susan Beck, Wolf Zukerman
Murray J. Landau

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First Day on the Job
It was the first day of school. The previous principal had just retired and Rabbi Schwartz the new principal just started. As Rabbi Schwartz made his rounds, he heard a terrible commotion coming from one of the classrooms.
He rushed in and spotted one boy, taller than the others, who seemed to be making the most noise. He seized the lad, dragged him to the hall, and told him to wait there until he was excused.
Returning to the classroom, Rabbi Schwartz restored order and lectured the class for half an hour about the importance of good behavior.
"Now," he said, "are there any questions?"
Little Moishie Goldstein stood up timidly. "Please Rabbi," he asked, "May we have our teacher back?"

What’s in a Name
Sarah and Rachel were two elderly ladies who had been friends for many decades. Over the years, they had shared all kinds of activities and adventures. Lately, their activities had been limited to meeting a few times a week in the activities room at their seniors’ home to play cards.
One day, they were playing cards when Sarah looked at Rachel and said, "Now don't get mad at me. I know we've been friends for a long time, but I just can't think of your name! I've thought and thought, but I can't remember it. Please tell me what your name is.
Rachel responded "eh, how soon do you need to know." 

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article positing that we should not use the words Nazis, Holocaust and Gestapo flippantly. I found that many were referencing these terms when talking about certain political figures, which I felt was cheapening the death and suffering of Jews in Nazi Germany.
A few people asked me, or better yet challenged me, as to whether I was advocating that a Jewish Holocaust can never happen again and it was a one-time event. Therefore, for clarity, I offer the following thoughts.
There are those who feel we have come a long way since Nazi Germany and my response to this is, have we? Really? Just last week the U.N was asked to condemn Hamas, which is a listed and known terrorist organization, and they could not bring themselves to do this. To add insult to injury this was just days after a pregnant Jewish woman was shot and ultimately killed by a terrorist. If the U.N cannot condemn open and shut cases of murderers of Jews, then I ask you to analyze how far have we come. My response is therefore that we have not come far at all. In fact, it is my belief that the U.N. not only does not advance peace and tranquility, it promotes anti-Semitism by its very existence.
There are those who do argue that a Jewish Holocaust can never happen again due to the fact that we live in a 24-hour news cycle and the media are embedded in every dark corner of the world.
I completely disagree with this notion and this is why.
Take the War in Darfur, a major armed conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan that began in February 2003 as an example. The Sudan Liberation Movement and the Justice and Equality Movement rebel groups began fighting the government of Sudan, which they accused of oppressing Darfur's non-Arab population. The government responded to attacks by carrying out a campaign of ethnic cleansing against Darfur's non-Arabs. This resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians and the displacement of close to another half a million people. This war lasted until 2010, which is only a few years ago!!
If 300,000 people can be killed in front of the media and hundreds of reporters all because of their beliefs only a few years ago, do you really think that this cannot happen here? The truth is, in my lifetime there have been multiple genocides and atrocities that have been committed. Off the top of my head I can think of the Yazidis, the Cambodians (3 million people), the Bosnians, the Rwandan, the Bangladesh (2 million plus), the Isaaqs, the Kurds, the Myanmar and who can forget the Hutus and the Tutus.
So, no, I am not so naïve as to believe that a Holocaust can never happen again and yes, we have to do everything in our power to assure that it does not. Please realize however, that the U.N is probably the last place we should look to for help. And while the media cannot help during an active genocide, they can and should be used to prevent one from happening. 
So, having read this morbid thought you may feel saddened or fearful. This is the last thing I wish to accomplish with these thoughts.
Therefore, I offer this in conclusion. To prevent large injustices from happening, one needs to prevent or at least object to smaller ones.
Case in point: There is something I lived through and I still get angry when I think about it due to the apathy that reigned. I am talking about the Crown Heights riots. I moved out of Crown Heights coincidentally two weeks after, but what I witnessed was something that was shameful. There were three days of riots where Jews were being targeted and the police were ordered by Mayor Dinkins to “let them vent their rage” and show restraint. My wife and I were afraid to walk the streets especially after 6 P.M. This insanity went on for days and while the newspapers reported it, I did not witness EVEN ONE vanload of good and moral people coming to the defense of the Jewish people. Can you imagine if 3,000 people showed up and said this atrocity is not going to happen anymore? What a message that would have sent? Alas, no one showed and no one cared. The lesson here is that we need to be vigilant and caring. If there are people who are being unjustly targeted, then you and I need to get up off our chairs and get there to assist.
I personally regret not running to Pittsburgh to show my support.  
To continue this chat, feel free to drop me a line at
Rabbi Yakov Saacks

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Over the last few month we have started a nightly Mincha and Marriv Minyan every weeknight at 7:00pm.
We have 4 of our dear friends in the community that are saying Kadish at the moment for their loved ones, and each and every night (most nights)  is a struggle to get a Minyan. We are asking people to commit one or two nights a week to assure that they will be able to say. The Minyan starts at 7:00 pm and is over at 7:20.
Please click HERE and write which nights you can commit to coming. Lets come together as a community and help each other.

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HEROS & VILLAINS OF THE WEEK   From the Desk of the Chai Center Israel Committee
       The worthless United Nations is once again Villain of the Week, this time for its recent General Assembly vote that failed to condemn the terrorist group Hamas. That's right, countless UN condemnations of Israel and not one single condemnation of a terrorist group that sends homicide bombers into pizzerias, fires rockets indiscriminately into civilian areas and attaches toys to booby-trapped balloons to target kids. The UN has blood on its hands, as Israel has faced four terrorist attacks in the past week, including a drive-by shooting that wounded a pregnant woman and took the life of her baby, who was delivered in an emergency C-section.
       CALL TO ACTION: Email the UN and express your disgust at its refusal to recognize right from wrong by failing to condemn the terrorist group Hamas while repeatedly coming down harshly on Israel, a democracy that abides by the rule of law and goes out of its way to avoid harming citizens used by Hamas as human shields. Go to to make your voice heard.
       British Prime Minister Theresa May, who has spoken out in support of Israel and British Jews, sadly earns the Villain of the Week moniker for singling out and criticizing Israel for what she apparently perceives as its poor treatment of Christians, according to a report by Christians United for Israel (CUFI).
       May was responding in Parliament to a question about “religious persecution in the Holy Land” by Conservative MP Desmond Swayne, an Israel critic, when she pointed to challenges in poverty, unemployment and discrimination experienced by Muslim and Christian Israelis.
      May’s characterization was absurd given that Israel is the one Middle Eastern country where Christianity has thrived, in contrast to, say, the Gaza Strip, where the number of Christians, as CUFI observes, has plummeted from 4,500 to 1,000 in the past six years, or in Bethlehem, which had a Christian majority until the Palestinian Authority took control; the population is now at under 20 percent. May’s reference to Israeli Muslims, who have freedom to worship and hold high positions in the Israeli military and other sectors of society, is just as irrational.
      CALL TO ACTION: Email Theresa May at this address: Encourage her to retract and apologize for her slander against Israel, and to get back on track with support for the Jewish State and her country’s Jews.
      The British Prime Minister’s gaffe may not be as ludicrous, however, as the French government’s topsy-turvy thinking. France is Villain and Hypocrite of the Week for its recent award of a human rights prize, as Hillel Neuer, the heroic head of UN Watch reports, to two pro-Palestinian groups dedicated to criticizing Israel's response to violent rioters. Here’s the rub: the French government itself is considering a state of emergency to respond to its own violent rioters. More than that, one of the pro-Palestinian groups, Al-Haq, has been accused of having ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist group.
      One Hero in this ugly escapade is French Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet, who, the Algemeiner reported, protested the award of the Human Rights Award to the groups by not attending the Paris award ceremony.
     CALL TO ACTION: Email French President Macron by following this link and scrolling down to the online contact form: The elements of the form are in French but relatively obvious and simple to fill out and leave comments. Tell the French President to start doing the right and moral thing: stand by Israel and ditch the hypocrisy by showing a better understanding of her security needs, especially when your own response to rioters is harsh.
      Finally, we shift to South Africa, whose ruling African National Congress (ANC) government are Villains of the Week for hosting Hamas leaders and making a false symbolic comparison by bringing them to the Robben Island prison cell of Nelson Mandela, the late former South African president. Further, as the Algemeiner reported, the ANC signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” with the Islamist terrorist group. Not only are the ANC’s misguided gestures a slap in the face to Israel, where an indigenous population has been restored to the land just as in South Africa, they are a slap in the face of every South African who died and suffered in the struggle against the real apartheid that gripped South Africa for so long.
       CALL TO ACTION: Email South Africa’s Ambassador to the UN, Jerry Matthews Matjilaj at to let him know his country should stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel, not the Hamas terrorists who target innocent men, women and children with rockets and suicide bombs. Making such allies of Hamas and distorting Mandela's role will not make history look kind upon him.
Thank you to all who nominated this week's heroes and villains. If you would like nominate a Hero (someone doing right by Israel and the Jewish people) or Villain (someone doing her and us harm) of the Week, email Allan Richter at


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Did you know that the Chai Center has a new and improved Junior Congregation every Shabbat morning from 11:00 – 12:15.  The children have a great time and learn many fascinating things. Call Rabbi Dovid at 351-8672 if you have questions or just come.

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Thought for the Week

Story of the Week
The Power of Rebbe 
This Shabbos marks 32 years of "Hey Teves," the victory in which a Brooklyn Federal Judge gave ruling that all books that were taken from the Previous Rebbe's library Agudas Chassdei Chabad be returned. In order to defend ownership of the books, a crucial argument involved defining the Rebbe-Chassid relationship. Three people were chosen to participate in court and get the message across that Rebbe and Chosid are intimately connected. One of the three was Eli Wiesel. The following is an excerpt from his testimony:
Strangely enough, the choice of (involvement) is made by the Chosid and not the Rebbe. It is not the Rebbe who chooses the Chosid. It is the Chosid who chooses the Rebbe. But once the choice is made, it is boundless. It is total loyalty. And therefore, the Rebbe owes the Chosid total loyalty. So, for the community, the Rebbe must have total generosity and compassion. Also, he has even more responsibility. That is why he is a Rebbe.

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