The Chai Center Tree of Life

tree of life.jpg

Our Tree of Life is a beautiful piece of art and
symbolism that stands prominently on
the back wall of our sanctuary.

Each leaf on the tree and rock at its base is filled with an engraved plaque.
Members can purchase an engraved leaf on the tree for $360, an engraved acorn above the tree for $1,000, an engraved rock at the tree's base for $2,500 or an engraved Mini-tree for $3,600.

Help our Tree of Life blossom. Commemorate a joyous event, like a birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, wedding or anniversary with a permanent dedication. Purchasing a leaf, acorn, rock or mini-tree allows you leave a lasting legacy that will be viewed and read for generations.

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Inscription to be engraved as follows:
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Line 3 (Date)
Line 4 (Acorns, Stones & Mini Trees only)

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100% of the proceeds of this donation benefit The Chai Center, Inc.