Why I applaud Adidas

Thursday, 27 October, 2022 - 1:22 pm

Unless you are a politician up for election, you should be keenly aware of what transpired after Kanye
West (Ye) spewed hateful, venomous and vomit worthy nonsense from his rapper mouth. While West is far from being an idiot, he is most definitely ignorant and probably mentally unstable. Being a talented rapper and businessman does not make him a world historian. Clearly, he has no common sense and equally as clear, he has no love for the Jewish people.

I am not sure what “death con 3 on Jewish people” means. I assume he was referring to the term defcon
3. Hmmm, maybe he is an idiot after all. In fact, anytime you use the term death with the word Jews, people get nervous and become very unforgiving. The bottom line is that there is no defense of what he said. There are no reasons in the world that would make it right. Kanye West has now been outed as another anti-Semitic boar.

Talking about the bottom line, the only reason why anyone would defend the indefensible is to protect their bank account. My father used to tell me the following quip, “If there is something that is incomprehensible to you, if there is something that does not make any sense in any way and you cannot
figure out what is at play here, then you should realize that it has to do with money and has nothing to do with morality, logic or science.” How profound.

So now we get to Adidas and other companies who took down the Yeezy line and severed the connection with this hatemonger. Let’s face it; Adidas makes a lot of money by partnering with the boar.
They wooed him away from Nike and have made an absolute financial killing with this branded sneaker partnership. Yeezy sneakers, which cost between $200 and $700, generate about 1.47 billion dollars (billion) in annual sales for Adidas, making up a little over 7% of its total revenue, according to estimates from Telsey Advisory Group. Shares in Adidas, which cut its full-year forecast last week, closed down 3.2% this week.

Furthermore, Adidas has everything to lose by not branding with him. Ye is an American icon. The entire Gen Z is head over heels over his music. What Adidas did was incredible because it is completely counterintuitive to let him go. The temporary financial loss to Adidas is staggering. (The permanent losses to Ye are refreshing).

It is for this reason I support Adidas and I encourage my readers to purchase their products to show them your thanks. This decision to lose him could not have been an easy one. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during the board meetings. Can you imagine losing your greatest single asset in one fell
swoop? I am positive that this is the reason the decision to run took a few days.

What Adidas did makes no financial sense and yet they did it. My father would have been gobsmacked. Thank you to all those who put this dangerous man in his place. He now has a lot less money to peddle
his influence, and this is a good thing.
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