Israel is not an apartheid state: An analysis of my recent visit

Tuesday, 18 July, 2023 - 5:49 pm

I just came back from a whirlwind tour of Israel. I walked more in one day through the ancient and new streets of Jerusalem than I walk an entire week on Long Island. I must tell you, despite what the media and the State Department tell you, I felt extremely safe in Jerusalem. I had no concerns about walking through the Arab markets at any time of the day. The Arab shopkeepers were extremely friendly, as I was to them. I walked through the Jaffa Gate, Dung Gate, Zion Gate, Lions Gate and came close to the dreaded Damascus Gate, which the State Department disallows US tourists to pass through. The first hour my head was on a swivel. However, after detoxing from agendas, I was relaxed and even listened to a pre-recorded lecture as I walked. (Sounds boring, I know).

While you have the agenda driven by pot stirrer alarmists like Tlaib and Omar, there is not a scintilla of truth to their accusations that Israel is an Apartheid State. Both aforementioned hatemongers and their posse spend their respective miserable lives by destroying others. They are not builders, repairers, bridge builders or anything similar. They live, breathe and most importantly get their money and power by pitting humanity against humanity. Arafat was the same way and so are so many of the dictators throughout the ages.   
While it is true that there are real problems in Jenin and other hornet’s nests, and we must not discount these atrocities perpetrated on innocent civilian families comprised of men, women and children, these problems are not everywhere in Israel, every day. The following must be said. The slaying of innocents are heinous, cruel and savage acts committed by terrorists deprived of any moral consciousness. Please do not confuse these savages with freedom fighters or warriors. Anyone who can kill a mother and her children is deranged. Add to the fact that they then celebrate the killings makes them despicable monsters. Add to the fact that they are then given money as a reward for their heinous murder makes them less honorable than any of God’s parasites on earth. These people are barbarians, the sons of barbarians. There is nothing, I repeat nothing redeeming about them.
Let’s get back to the subject at hand. What I noticed over the few days was something I already knew and witnessed all the other times I was there. However, this time I was mindful to record these images in my mind for the purpose of sharing with the reader.
The hotel I stayed at in Jerusalem was a melting pot of all races, religions, colors and creeds. At one point, midweek, there were most definitely more non-Jews than Jews. There was no hierarchy felt and no discord between the guests themselves or the staff. I found myself sitting and celebrating life with two Rastafarians who came to Israel to teach English to elementary school children.
The staff, who were a mixture of Jews and Arabs, were professional and worked well together. The manager of the hotel was an Israeli Arab and those Jews under his supervision were not bothered by it at all.
Apartheid they claim, I say nonsense.
There were about 120 people at the Dead Sea on the day I went. I actually proceeded to do a non-scientific count. Of the approximate 120 people that were there, 16 of them were Jewish. The other 19 were European Christians (I asked) and the rest, which was the bulk, were Muslim families coming to enjoy the hot days of summer at a resort. There was no tension. There were no separate locker rooms for the different faiths. There were two locker rooms, male and female. As I walked down to the sea (a 10 minute walk), I was greeted with a smile and warmth. I just did not see the hatred in either direction. The Arab man that served me a cold drink offered to help me open my bottle when he saw me struggling.  
Apartheid, they claim. I say nonsense.
As I mentioned, I walked all across the city mainly in my quest to find the best shawarma Jerusalem has to offer. I walked behind Charedi kids, Muslim families, and Israeli teens. I witnessed two men sharing a moment over a cup of coffee. One clearly a Jew and the other clearly a Muslim. You can tell by their dress. These two were probably neighbors deciding to get together for a neighborly chat over a caffe hafuch (latte).
One end of the popular street called Ben Yehuda there is a piano. I saw two Muslim kids play the keys together while two Israeli kids were singing. The song was Back to Black. It was a very moving experience, and I learned a new song.
All the aforementioned Muslim families have the right to vote, work, study, protest, argue, represent in the Knesset and pay taxes.
Are there racists on both sides? Undoubtedly yes. This however, does not make the COUNTRY of Israel an Apartheid State.
Apartheid they claim. I say nonsense.            
Therefore, next time you hear this dribble, ask yourself what CNN, Tlaib, NY Times, fill in the blank, have to gain by sharing this untruth. Also, ask yourself the following. 
Are there problems? Yes. Can it be better? Yes.
Does the United States have problems? Is the US an Apartheid State?
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