The Seven Ways to combat Anti-Semitism - Tried & Proven

Thursday, 2 November, 2023 - 3:57 pm

Due to the recent uptick I Anti Semitism, I am sharing something I wrote a while back. Really pertinent for today’s times.

There are seven types of anti-Semites that I can think of.

1. The Nutjob 
2. Jealous
3. Evil People
4. Race Baiter Opportunists
5. Ignorant and Fearful
6. Historical 
7. The Goonies/Followers/The Weak

Each of the above categories feels justified to hate the Jew. For some of them the hatred is so rabid and visceral, that it actually effects their life and wellbeing.  Their problem -- not mine. What is my problem is what I do about it, or more likely, what we do about the hate.

I have come up with seven responses to hate which, in actuality, will not make them hate us any less, but will allow us to survive as a people and to be the first responder in combatting anti-Semitism. You see, as Jews we are not unlike canaries in the coalmine who can detect trouble before the miners. The savages may come for us first, but by all means, they will not stop with only the Jews. Case in point, when the world looked on at the intifada, which included suicide attacks happening in Israel, and clicked their respective tongues and shook their respective heads but did nothing to help, the savages upped the game and they started to attack, kill, maim and beat other nationalities in other parts of the world. So, take heed, our response to anti-Semitism is not only for Jews but for mankind as well.

Pick up a shovel and fight back. Simple as that. Anti-Semites are a cowardl y bunch and have no tolerance for difficult hate. They prefer to be 3 on 1 and not 1 on 1. I am not advocating anarchy; I am simply stating be active and not only reactive. Better safe than sorry. If you see something then DO something. The time for Chamberlain passivity has long passed. (Not sure there ever was a time). We need to be prepared to stand up to be stronger, better and more courageous than they are.

Taking a line straight out of their playbook. Do not purchase any item whatsoever from an anti-Semitic owned business. Not one more Roger Waters upload and no donating to Ilhan Omar’s PAC or to Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP). This is a very effective way of sending a message.

Continuing the above theme… We as parents spend way too much money to send our kids to school as it is. So therefore, if a college campus has either anti-Semitic faculty with undue influence or a campus that has literally uncontrolled hate and bigotry on it with no limits, then rest assured that the dean’s office and its board have given, at the very least, a tacit nod. Colleges like UMass Amherst, who has invited Linda Sarsour not once but twice, should not be given any respect, even the $75 application fee. Please realize that the college campus is the frontlines of where this anti-Semitic war is being held. Choose carefully how bloody you want that war to be.  

Squabbling amongst ourselves is probably the worst thing we can do, especially publicly. This will cause the hater to implement a divide and conquer strategy in order to weaken us. We need to stand together as a united front. As an example, when Jews pay homage to the fanatical leader of Iran by either flying to see him or expressing love on Facebook, then this hurts all of us. We need to stay strong together as one family unit.  We need to remember that when they hurt one of us then they hurt us all. I shake my head in disbelief at the levels of acrimony that exists between Jews. If Hitler taught us anything, it is that he never cared what type of Jew you were.

Regardless of your opinion on how many states Israel should have, supporting Israel is a must and the only moral thing to do. The difference between Germany 1933 and France 2020 is Israel. Israel is the ace up our sleeve. It is the one advantage that our poor grandparents never had in Eastern Europe. It is the key, the answer if you will, to our very survival. So, don’t be quick to knock it, boycott it or tread on it, as you may need it yourself one day, especially considering the current political climate.

There is no question that we as Jews need to continue building hospitals, nursing homes, synagogues, businesses, schools, Yeshivas and Jewish Community Centers. We need to be powerful and strong and we need to continue to do the good that we do. So, the first message is to continue expanding and not be afraid. There is a caveat though -- build securely. Spend some of the building money on safety and security. Be vigilant and be safe.

Don’t even think of shirking the kippah because of anti-Semitism. On the contrary, instead of scaling anything back, we need to enhance our Jewishness and Jewish awareness. We need to show the savages that we are proud of who we are and we are unashamed and unabashed. We are the people who brought morals and values to the world. If they choose to buck these morals and be morons, then this is their choice. We are messengers for a good world. Shooting the messengers will not stop the message from being carried out.

God bless.
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