Israel - The insanity continues

Wednesday, 15 November, 2023 - 3:23 pm

I don’t know about you but whenever I hear the term “conflict” in Israel, I am incensed, as there is no conflict per se, but usually a barrage of rockets from the southern border coming from Gaza courtesy of Hamas, or from the Northern border gifted from Hezbollah with Iranian money and support. These rockets are not aimed at military sites or other strategic places that would help their military cause. Rather, they are aimed indiscriminately into civilian residential neighborhoods killing and maiming men, women and children. 

The savagery increased against innocent men, women, children and even babies on October 7th when these sub humans high on drugs decapitated babies, raped young women and killed indiscriminately with glee. Then to add salt to the wound, these beasts kidnapped 240 human beings by dragging them forcibly back to the rat tunnels in Gaza.   

When I witness the pro Palestinian protests denouncing Israel's genocide and pulling down pictures of the poor hostages while at the same time holding their own genocidal signs reading from the river to the sea, I laugh out loud. Boorish behavior are usually perpetuated by boors. 
I notice that there are never signs by these "humanitarians" that ask for the release of the hostages which is arguably a real humanitarian crisis. Boors, anti Semites, sheep, buffoons' and idiots.      

There is no country in the world that would tolerate such attacks on its citizens. None. There would be fierce retaliation to not only stop the rockets but also to punish these vile aggressors. The fact that Israel warns the inhabitants of buildings to flee before retaliating in order to minimize casualties is a tremendous act of kindness. Once again, no other country would warn their enemies before attacking them giving them advance notice.
In fact, Israel is doing the entire world a favor by disposing of these Hamas trash. Israel is a canary in a coalmine. History has proven that terrorism starts with the Jewish people but does not end with the Jewish people. 

While Israel recognizes life as sacred, which is not the case with people that celebrate the brutal murder of innocent human beings, I believe that Israel does not need to practice restraint against terrorists’ groups like Hamas or Hezbollah.  In fact, it is Israel’s sacred duty to defend her citizens at all costs, as it is the duty of every other nation. Israel should not be the exception.

There is a failed argument called proportionality. It is an insane, rotten, vile, nonsensical approach to attempt to hinder Israel from protecting its citizens.
The proportionality argument goes as follows. Since Israel is a stronger force with a larger army, it needs to reduce its power to the same capacity, or in proportion to its enemies. This is immoral and wrong. In fact, if Israel would act in proportion to Hamas, it would kill men, women and children via cowardly attacks at bus stops and malls.
Furthermore, proportionality is not an accepted premise under international law. Let’s be clear, Israel is not a wrongdoer for having a superior military, and Hamas is not a poor victim for having a limited military.    

When the UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres stated that this savagery was not created in a vacuum, this makes him unfit the post he heads. My God, the UN was created to stop the murder and bloodshed on innocents. Yet this creep offers excuses for the savages. I do not accept his apology and never will. This man was silent when Israel was barraged by thousands, yes thousands of rockets, upon its citizens, and he needs to be silent now. One cannot spout one-way rhetoric. This goes for the entire U.N. who only gets involved in a panic when Israel responds. The U.N. is immoral and serves no purpose other than to condemn Israel for human rights violations. Some of the U.N. countries who lead the U.N. Human Rights Council are China, Venezuela, Russian Federation and Cuba. I am surprised that North Korea is not in on the action as well. You really cannot make this stuff up.

It takes a lot of money to fire thousands of rockets. Where is this money coming from? Who is supporting terrorist causes who kill children?
Can you imagine if this same money went into infrastructure like schools, hospitals, and universities? There is so much money that went to Gaza and sadly most of it goes to jihad?
It is no Mitzvah to give them money. It is quite the opposite. It is a dastardly act and needs to stop.

We must remember that most Gazans are civilians and are being held hostage by a wicked, unscrupulous, crooked group who have blood lust on their minds. While it is true that Hamas was voted in by the Gazan populace, this is because the Palestinian Authority had less money to offer than Hamas. This is a hard lesson learned. One must be careful what they wish for/vote for, because now Hamas rules with an iron fist. Besides, the last election took place in 2005. Who knows what the outcome of a more recent election would look like?
For every Israeli and Gazan that is killed, I place the blame on Hamas, Palestinian murder trivializers, the Gazan people who voted in this wicked regime, politicians who give terrorists money, bias media reporting, BDS fools and any and every outside agitator.
You have blood on your hands.

I pray for peace.

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