Another Sandy Hook - We are Insane

Thursday, 26 May, 2022 - 5:23 am

{This is not intended to be a politically partisan post.}

This is simply one human being voicing his pain. I refused to go to sleep last night, not that I could have anyway. I did not lay down because hundreds of people are mourning the loss of their children and grandchildren over a senseless, barbaric, savage, and cruel act. Notice, I did not say animalistic, as even an animal would never kill for deranged reasons unless rabid.
The shooting in Texas comes after other senseless shootings all over the country such as the racist killings of people shopping in Buffalo because they were black, and hence a different race. It is also too much to bear.
I say this to all racists and bigots in the minimal hope that it will change one mind. Whether you like it or not we are all part of the human race. Therefore, for those who think that killing or hurting someone because of their skin color or different dress is chivalry, it is not. It is not only insanity; it is also foolish, stupid and boorish. No one is applauding your racism. 

While I am thankfully not employed by any think tank corporation in D.C., I still ruminate on what if anything can be done. I am not optimistic though that any change will be forthcoming.
What I write here is once again not political; it is simply common sense thoughts of someone who spent many sleepless nights pondering what we can do to slow down these spiteful and insane massacres. 

As a Jew, I firmly believe in the right to own a gun. I spend an inordinate amount of money on armed guards for the center I direct. I refuse to hire an unarmed guard, as it offers little protection. It is a sad truth, especially after the synagogue shootings in Poway and Pittsburgh, that one can only fight fire with fire.
However, there seriously needs to be changes made to gun ownership and availability.  

Take a look at Columbine, Parkland, Sandy Hook and Texas. Each one of these murderers were kids. Lanza was the oldest and was only 20!
How about raising the age of gun carriers to 25. This is the age when neuroplasticity seems to set, and is no longer in flux. This is the age when we can honestly call our kids grownups.  
For heaven’s sake, these kids could not buy beer or cigarettes until 21, why should gun carry be less strict?

High powered, automatic, excessive magazines are not necessary.  If the Texas maniac had less power, the numbers of deaths could have been substantially lower. 
The obvious argument against banning the aforementioned is that if criminals have them, then we will need comparable power to stop them. What an absolute mess.

Talking about criminals…While bail reform is a good idea, all common sense was thrown out with the bath water. I fully understand that someone selling weed and minor shoplifting and other lighter offenses should be given cashless bail. To allow someone who was caught with an illegal weapon out on bail is not only stupid, it is dangerous. The subway shooter last week had 12 prior convictions. Why was he allowed to roam the streets? Why?
I am extremely angry with the NYS Assembly, State and Governor for allowing bail reform to be taken to such extremes. It was sickening to see the former Governor sign this bill into law surrounded by much applause and ado. I was absolutely horrified and I shared my anger and disappointment with my Assemblyman who tacitly agreed with me. It is beyond immoral to allow this nonsense to continue for one more hour. 
The law should be very tough if you are caught possessing an illegal unlicensed gun. It should be so stiff that perps will hopefully think three times before picking one up. 

While admittedly this is not the solution to our problem, it should be implemented immediately.  Every bank in the nation has armed security guards to protect our money and safe deposit boxes. Why are there no guards to protect our kids? There have been so many shootings in schools; it is high time we wake up. We have enough money in the budget to hand out birth control. So, why not add security to the budget and protect our kids. Am I the only one thinking this way? 

You hear much about guns coming over the southern border. If this is true, it needs to be stopped. If our border is porous enough to allow guns and drugs, something is definitely wrong. 

Our children's lives are at stake here. It is not a political issue or game. It must not all come down to votes. It needs to be all about life.

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