It takes a village

Friday, 7 October, 2022 - 4:14 pm

 Yom Kippur may be over for this year but by no means is the holiday festival season passed. In fact, many argue that this is the Yom Tov (holidays) really start. Sunday night begins the celebratory holiday of Sukkos which continues for 8 days.

Getting ready for Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and beyond at The Chai Center is a mammoth task. There are so many moving parts that without multiple people, we could never have executed the busy time as well as we did.

Thanks to Caroline Tamer & Diane Facompre for going above the call and beyond to keep things running smoother than smooth. Not easy but handled with aplomb.

Thanks to Peri Rothman for putting to together all our social media & website development which allowed the greater community to keep abreast of the happenings.

Thanks to Zoey Saacks and Chaya Saacks who took it upon themselves to plan the high holiday junior congregation as well teaching the Hebrew school students all about these special holidays. No detail big or small was overlooked.

Thanks to our Chazzan Zalman Katz for exquisite services. Really beautiful.

Thanks to Paz Manyevitch who made sure that the building was ready for whatever came its way. From set up to break down, Paz was the manager in chief.

Thanks to Eric Diamond, Brad Becker, Alex & Jillian Nehkanevich, Preston Schoenfeld, Hal Schupak, The Morse family, Allan Richter, Joel Seleznow for not missing a beat and took it upon themselves to assist Paz and The Chai Center in a myriad of ways.

Thanks to Limor Shapiro for supervising the Junior Congregation and for all her work in the kitchen. Kiddush, Teens, Women’s programs and cooking for the needy as well.

Thanks to Sharon Penn, Jeremy Poland, Jillian Nekhanevich  and Michael Valdes for all their hard work in making sure that the Junior Congregation was at its best.

Thanks to our incredible group of teens Talia Mishkin, Abbey Strent, Drew Tannenbaum,  Shir Pinto, Chloe Dubinsky, Tatiana Poland, Breanna Alterescu, Zachary Alterescu, and Charles Morse.

Thanks to Andrew Schild for all the Audio Visual set up.

Thanks to Steve Bender and Bana Electric for all the lights, switches and relays.

Thanks to Yaghoubzaeh family, Levy family, Hova family, Dorfberger family, Fialkoff family, Morse family and Mikhael family for sponsoring the break the fast.

Thanks to Mandy Cohen for arranging the break fast and being the kiddush coordinator as well.  

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