Why do they hate us?

Friday, 13 October, 2023 - 12:50 pm

I was asked this question yesterday. The person wanted to know why Muslims hate Jews. Before I respond to this question, I need to clarify that I do not think Muslims hate Jews. It is simply not true. Take a look at the UAE. They don't hate Jews or even Israel for that matter, for those who choose to make that distinction. I visited Kazakhstan, which is a Muslim country, and could not have been treated nicer if they had tried. 

So, allow me to rephrase the question. I also feel that I need to separate it into two separate questions. 1. Why do they (people) hate Israel? 2. Why do they hate Jews?

I think there are a few points to uncover.
The stolen land argument and reason for the hate is the primary reason the haters will give you for their rigid and long-term hate. Israel is lambasted by the haters who denounce its occupation of oppressed people.

The proven fact that the Jews living in Israel (they called it Palestine) were treated as second- or third-class citizens over the centuries when there were no land squabbles seems to be willfully and conveniently ignored. 

The proven fact that Jordan made the city of Jerusalem Judenrein until 1967 seems to be willfully ignored. The Jews were kicked out of their homes and sent packing out of the city into homelessness.

The proven fact Jews were massacred in mass by Arabs way before any land arguments is ignored. Google Hebron Massacre 1929. I visited the museum in Hebron. The perpetrators of these heinous acts taught evil to the Hamas savages. In other words, hatred was taught from parent to child. How sad. 

The fact that the Grand Mufti held talks with Hitler (they both should find no eternal peace) to discuss the Jewish problem way before the establishment of the modern State of Israel should give you pause.

The fact that Israel withdrew from Gaza and chose to evict its own people from their beautiful homes and communities in 2005 was met with thousands of rockets as appreciation. 

I think the question should be switched on its head. How can anyone be so wicked? You got what you demanded. Israel is no longer occupying your land. Why are you shelling and killing civilians? Why are you decapitating babies? 

Clearly, this is not about land. 

So, what is it? What is the reason for the hate? 

Answer: Mental illness. These terrorists are sick savages. They are insane. They have no vocation. They refuse to live a life with meaning. They therefore fill this void with hate. The hatred fuels them which is what I call insanity. 

Can you imagine what their life would look like if they took their decapitation skills and became surgeons instead? Instead of building bombs and rockets they should be building universities. In 2005 the Gazans had every, and I mean every opportunity afforded them. They could have had every amenity and every luxury, but instead they chose this path. This is why it is a mental illness. 

It is the same answer. Mental illness. 

When I saw the subhumans dancing and celebrating because Hamas murdered whole families, I shook my head and realized that they are mentally ill and need help.

When I see signs that read Gays for Palestine, I think to myself, mental illness. The Palestinians throw gay men to their death from tops of buildings. 

When BLM Chicago puts out a statement that it stands with Palestine a few days after hundreds upon hundreds of innocent civilians are murdered, I seethe with a burning anger. Doesn't BLM exist because innocent civilians were being killed? Madness!! Insanity!! 

When I see on the news sub humans in Sydney,  Australia chanting "gas the Jews", I see insanity personified.  The irony is that these loony savage scum got their wish as 30 Israelis were found gassed to death by smoke inhalation in a bomb shelter.

On and on and on. 

The bottom line is anti-Semitism is a mental disorder and anti-Zionism is as well. The hatred has been inculcated by insane parents and grandparents which has led to an imbalance in the brain. 

If my mental illness reasoning does not satisfy you, then my next answer is money. The amount of billions upon billions given to these savages in the name of peace is nauseating. The savages have taken this money and used it to destroy rather than build. Then they are given even more money. Then they are given even more money to destroy further.

Yep, that too is mental illness. 

I run a non profit based on love and compassion, and I always am running in the red. Maybe, I am the one who is mentally incompetent.  It seems if I would start an organization of hate, I would receive serious funding from the UN, EU, Iran and even from our very own State Department.

Crazy times. It seems that insanity is prevailing.

Need to pray.


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