Jews did not steal Palestine

Thursday, 26 October, 2023 - 2:11 pm

I knew it.

I knew that the world's sympathy for Israel would only last until Israel started to fight back. It is my firm belief that the world gets a little queasy when a Jew fights back. The short memory of some of the world’s leaders as far as the savagery that was perpetrated on innocent civilians and even babies is appalling.

Then you have the ongoing protests against Israel in the streets and on social media. It is sickening to see the immoral opinions shamelessly spewed by ignoramuses, haters, and fools. Do they understand the meaning of the chant from the river to the sea that oozes out of their mouths and pens? They are sick and sadly getting sicker.

Their argument is that Jews stole the land.

Aside from the fact that it is untrue as we will explore, I have the following question for them. What brought on the slaughter of Jews in the Hebron Massacre in 1929? No land issue then. Why did the not so grand Mufti meet with Hitler to plot the extermination of Jews well before the Declaration of Independence in 1948? They cannot answer this, but I can. Sick and getting sicker.


Let’s tackle this grand lie that Israel stole the land shall we. Let’s do this with facts and not boorish chants.

Inconvenient FACT #1. Jews are called Jews because we come from JUDEA. There has been a continuous Jewish presence in the land of Israel since we entered the land following the death of Moses. Read that again. Jews have been living in Israel for over 3300 years!!!

Inconvenient FACT #2. Palestine was the name given by the Romans following the capture, destruction and expulsion of Judea. The Arabs chose the name Palestine to throw the Roman victory in the Jews’ face.

Inconvenient FACT #3. There has never been an independent Palestinian state.

Inconvenient FACT #4. Jews did not steal land from Arabs when they returned to Israel in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They legally purchased land from absentee landowners living in Arab capitals to build kibbutzim and communities. Local Arab tenants were often displaced following the purchase so Jews could be hired to work the land.

Inconvenient FACT #5. The Arabs of “Palestine” were offered their own state, side-by-side with Israel in 1947. They, along with the surrounding Arab countries, rejected the partition recommendation (UN Resolution 181), which resulted in civil war and an invasion of five Arab armies to destroy the entire Jewish community of Israel. These Arab armies lost, and they are still mortified and embarrassed due to their stubborn pride.

Inconvenient FACT #6. Nearly 80% of what was meant to be an Arab Palestinian state was stolen by Jordan, who is the real culprit here. During the next two decades under their control, they never gave the Palestinians independence. During the Six Day War of 1967, Israel gained that territory in a defensive war when Arab armies massed troops along her borders and once again threatened destruction.

Inconvenient FACT #7. Israel offered the Palestinians 97% of the land they claimed to be fighting for in 2000, making Israel the first and only country ever to offer them a state. This offer was rejected with no counteroffer. A similar offer was made in 2008 with the same result. Arafat did not want peace, as peace is bad for business. Arafat died a BILLIONAIRE.

Inconvenient FACT #8. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL AOC AND ILHAN OMAR and the other haters in Congress that Israel voluntarily withdrew from Gaza in 2005, removing all soldiers and civilians, giving full control to the Palestinians in hopes of peace. The terrorist organization Hamas controls Gaza as they were sadly voted in by the Gazan people. The not so innocent Gazan people chose these terrorists who use them as human shields. There has not been another election since which is typical of terrorist regimes.

Inconvenient FACT #9. The Israeli settlements in Gaza is 0%. The Israeli settlements in Judea/Samaria, also known as the West Bank, is 2 – 3 %. So, don’t tell me that this is the reason for the ongoing feud.

Inconvenient FACT #10. What would you do if your pregnant daughter’s fetus was ripped from her body or your baby was beheaded by savages? Would you run and protest in the streets in favor of these beasts? The only reason you dare show yourselves is because it is the Jew that was killed. You have to live with this and not me. I apologize to all anti-Semites and to self-loathers for taking the wind out of your sails and the air out of your balloon.

Please help spread the word. Share this myth buster and let the truth prevail once and for all.

Comments on: Jews did not steal Palestine

Gary Morse wrote...

Kol Hadavod!!! GREAT job and very well written.

I would say this should be passed out to the unintelligent students supporting Hamas. The Cooper Union College students of the protest who threatened the Jewish students barricaded in the library should be expelled.

Inconvenient Fact #11, there is a Hamas tunnel commission that accurately tracks the several hundred deaths of children who build these tunnels, it is the children who are sent in to remove unexploded shells. It is the children and families forced to live in buildings housing Hamas terrorists and their leaders. There are zero bomb shelters in Gaza and Gazans are not allowed entrance into the 300 miles of tunnels to avoid the bombing of Hamas-known locations.

Inconvenient Fact #12, Rocket launches are set up next to schools and hospitals and we saw the results of what happens when their missiles go awry and land on Gazan civilians which happens more than 30% of the time. Between October 7th and October 20th 553 of those missiles landed on Gazan civilians (although that might be an oxymoron).