The Chai Center Preschool

The Chai Center Preschool is open for registration and committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for your children.


Dear Parents,


It is an honor and a blessing to continue my journey at The Chai Center Preschool, guiding students along as they learn and grow into unique thinkers. It is my hope to share my knowledge and instill a love for learning within their hearts.

As Director of the preschool, I have the opportunity to play a role in passing down Jewish customs and traditions, l’dor v’dor, to the next generation. In fact, the Jewish custom of mitzvot is an important part of our program. The sense of caring embraces each of us like a warm hug as you enter the Center.  The mitzvot  ben adam l’chavero—how we treat one another—is also a common thread throughout the school. The branches of the classroom mitzvot trees, where we place notes from home highlighting good deeds the children performed, are full practically all year long.  

The children understand the importance of making positive choices, being respectful, responsible, and showing readiness. These core values are the center theme of how we treat one another. In the art room just a few weeks ago two friends were coloring and a book on a shelf fell on my toes.  “Are you alright Morah Paulyne? Do you need help?” a 4-year-old shouted without hesitation. This is the norm here, and not a surprising gesture at all. Our teachers model positive actions every day and the children genuinely favor being kind to one another, giving to one another and putting consideration into how their actions affect one another.  It is truly a remarkable environment.

I look forward to collaborating closely with my teachers, offering leadership and support in creating a curriculum that emphasizes art, play and discovery-based learning through the natural world.  The opportunity to build new relationships with families, sharing ideas, and creating a friendly and welcoming environment for everyone is also something I treasure each year.  Communication and parent involvement are extremely important to me. 

My door is always open!

Paulyne Weiss, MS Ed.
Preschool Director, The Chai Center

» Our Philosophy

Our unique Reggio-inspired, New York State licensed preschool program is designed to spark wonder and creativity, build confidence and skills and allow children to explore materials that encourage a questioning mind.

A Certified Nature Explore outdoor classroom, a student vegetable garden, an indoor paint shower, an exotic fish tank and after school enrichment programs such as martial arts and soccer, housed in a bright, state-of-the-art facility, are just some of the features that distinguish The Chai Center Preschool. The program offers a comprehensive hands-on experience, in a warm and nurturing environment. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, our respective two-year-old, three-year-old and Pre-K programs incorporate a child-centered curriculum that respects their individuality. The children have structure to their day, expectations that are age appropriate to enable personal growth, and are encouraged to use their senses, investigate, experiment and discover through hands-on experiments and exploration.  The Chai Center Preschool caters to the entire Jewish community and beyond, regardless of background or affiliation. Whatever you are looking for in a preschool, from the loving attention of a devoted, highly qualified staff, to quality educational activities to prepare your child for their educational journey, you will find it at The Chai Center Preschool.

The Chai Center Preschool offers two-, three-, and four-year-old programs; full, half-day and UPK options; and two, three and five day weeks. Additionally, we offer extended care before and after school. For more information on our preschool or to set up a tour, please call 631.351.8672 or email [email protected].