Full Day          9:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Two, Three or Five Full Days

Curriculum Overview                                                                                         
In our three-year-old program, your child will learn the skills needed to succeed in school. We work on nurturing your child’s academic growth, which includes, learning colors, shapes, numbers, and the ABC’s. We will learn about the seasons, holidays (Jewish and American), about ourselves and our family, about our body and how to look after ourselves and much more through themed explorations, crafts, stories, poems, songs and games. We will work on fine motor skills such as correct scissors grip, how to cut, snip, fringe, and glue, along with exploring many other art materials. Most importantly, we will work to further develop your child’s social skills, which are crucial to success in school and in life. As your child learns he/she will gain a strong sense of self, grow to be independent, responsible, caring, patient, a good friend, co-operative and a team player.

Each afternoon is highlighted with an enrichment activity:

Pre math skills - We work on numbers and counting through art, games, finger play and stories.

Name Recognition & Writing - Students will learn to recognize their printed name, become familiar with the letters in their name, and practice writing their name.

Author Studies - Throughout the school year, we will highlight different authors by reading their work, discussing the stories and creating art related to the book, with a goal to develop pre-reading skills. 

Reading Program - We will use the Scholastic Reading Program on a regular basis to facilitate pre-reading skills, exposing the children to whole group instruction where they will have the opportunity to answer questions and share ideas with their peers.

Phonics Enrichment - Students will begin to explore letter sounds.

Art - Open-ended art allows for self-expression, exploration, mess, and a lot of fun!

Music Appreciation and Movement - Here we bring out the instruments, the puppets, and the parachute. We dance, march, sing, move, all while working on listening and large motor skills.

Science and baking - Exploring through measuring, mixing, and delighting our senses. 

You will be amazed with the change and growth that the year will bring in your child.