Shabbat in the Preschool 

Shabbat is a very special time at The Chai Center Preschool. On Friday mornings, students come into the classroom to the sounds of beautiful Shabbat music. Each student immediately begins to roll and shape their very own challah, which can be a simple braid or in the shape of their favorite animal or toy. Once the challah is shaped, the children can choose from a variety of toppings including, chocolate chips, cinnamon sugar mix, sprinkles and sesame seeds. Later in the morning, all the classes come together in the sanctuary for a Shabbat sing-along. There they sing and dance together to celebrate and are often joined by the Rabbis. Near the end of the day, the classrooms come together again in the Kiddush room and sit at a large Shabbat table where they light candles, say the traditional blessings and then break the challah and drink grape juice. Each child leaves with the challah he or she baked that morning to share with their family.
Additionally, each classroom has their own Shabbat bag which travels home at some point with each student throughout the year. The bag contains candles, a stuffed toy, a bottle of grape juice, a challah cover, the blessings and a journal to record the family celebration. This is a great opportunity for the children to share at home what they have learned at The Chai Center about the importance of Shabbat and share with their friends at school some of their family Shabbat traditions. 


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