There are three tracks to this study schedule, enabling everyone to join at their own pace:

•              Three Chapters a Day
•              One Chapter a Day
•              Daily Mitzvah

We invite you to join the thousands who have found their pace and have made this study part of their lives. To help you, here are five great features (some of which are brand new), that we hope you will take advantage of:

1.            Not sure where to start? Find Hebrew and English texts, video and audio online or right from our content partner on their handy (and newly revamped) Daily Study app.
2.            Known for their lucid and easy to follow style, Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon’s classes continue to draw adherents on a daily basis.
3.            On the run? Get a quick rundown of the daily 3 chapters with Rabbi Ralegh Resnick.
4.            If you choose the one-chapter-a-day track, a quick quiz after each chapter will keep your memory fresh. Check them out here.

5.            And for those who join the “daily mitzvah” track, “Our 613” is a wonderful option featuring Rebbetzins from all over the world discussing today’s Mitzvot! Choose to watch this as one of the options on the daily Mitzvah page.

Find out more about this special study cycle and celebration, and join the new cycle (which begins now!):

With joyful Torah blessings to you and all yours,

Rabbi Yakov Saacks