Kosher Chocolate Factory

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Recommended Ages:
3 - 120 (Everyone loves chocolate!)

45 Minutes

$350 for up to 40 kids + $1.00 Per Student.

There is $75 travel fee if travel consist more then 30 minutes or 15 miles (from Dix Hills 11746)

Program Overview:

The kosher industry accounts for over $100 billion in annual sales, $40 billion in the U.S. alone. More and more products are kosher certified each day, and almost every major supermarket carries a line of kosher products.
But many people are puzzled about Kosher. What does "kosher" mean and what is its significance? How does food play a role in celebrating Jewish life?
The new JCrafts Great Kosher Chocolate Factory — the latest addition to the JCrafts Ritual Arts series — will help young and old to learn more about kosher in a fun, interactive, hands-on program while making delicious chocolate!


There are two parts to this workshop:

In the first, participants will mold their own Jewish chocolate objects such as chocolate Kiddush cups, Kiddush bottles, Star-of-David, lolly-pops, Bar and Bat Mitzvah themed molds, Challahs, the Chai symbol, Chanukah Gelt, Menorahs... the list goes on and on.

Then, while the chocolate is hardening, the second process begins… Making chocolate from scratch. From roasting and grinding the cacao beans, to winnowing the cacao shell pieces. There are a total of eight steps to make delicious, mouthwatering chocolate. The smell is out of this world!


Directors, teachers, rabbis: You get to decide how much chocolate the kids can stuff into their pockets!


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Bookings canceled within a month prior to the show are responsible to pay half of the existing invoice.